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Emmy®-nominated and eminently stylish, Judge Kevin Ross dishes out justice with a wink and a smile. He’s a former L.A. Superior Court judge with over 60,000 cases under his belt, and he uses his razor wit to challenge assumptions and question the answers. Justice has never looked or sounded sharper than “America’s Court With Judge Ross.”

Strictly business: more reasons to air “America’s Court With Judge Ross”
Now in its second decade, “America’s Court With Judge Ross” keeps going strong, with a growing base of women ages 25-54 (up 15% in the past year) and increasing household share. The show also serves as a solid foundation for building a court block.



Distinguished author and three-time Emmy® winner Judge Cristina Perez puts the flair in fair in this courtroom series. Her hip and fresh perspective, combined with her warm and personal approach, appeals to all ages — as well as Television Academy voters. “Justice For All With Judge Cristina Perez” has been nominated for a best court program Emmy® Award and spring-boarded the launch of two accredited novels and a growing fanbase.

Strictly business: more reasons to air “Justice For All With Judge Cristina Perez”
According to the Syndicated Network Television Association, Judge Cristina Perez ranked as one of the most trustworthy and influential syndicated hosts on TV among young adults (ages 18-34 years)



A former prosecuting attorney and long-time fan favorite, Judge Mablean Ephriam can bring a courtroom to laughter with her tell-it-like-it-is approach. She is well-known for playing the judge in Tyler Perry’s Madea comedies and a seven year tenure on Divorce Court. Now she’s in firm command with her EMMY nominated, “Justice With Judge Mablean,” where she combines her irresistible personality with over 20 years of legal wisdom.

Strictly business: more reasons to air “Justice With Judge Mablean”
She’s not just a TV judge — she’s a nationally recognized brand. For seven years Judge Mablean ruled “Divorce Court,” turning that series into a bona-fide hit. She then appeared in several feature films and published a book, Judge Mablean’s Life Lessons: Tools For Weekly Living. Her return to TV on “Justice With Judge Mablean” has resonated with viewers, drawing in fans new and old and holding on to them — particularly women ages 25-54 — and beating out long-established shows in her time slot.



Best known for her sassy personality and bold judgments, Judge Karen Mills-Francis is now presiding over “Supreme Justice with Judge Karen.” Judge Karen boasts over 20 years of legal experience and is a successful, published author. As a seasoned legal veteran of the courtroom, Judge Karen isn’t afraid to put litigants in their place. She’s quick to protect the unprotected and rationalize the irrational, all while using her quick wit to break the tension. Judge Karen’s captivating style and unwavering dedication to justice makes “Supreme Justice with Judge Karen” a must-see.

Strictly business: more reasons to air “Supreme Justice With Judge Karen”
“Supreme Justice With Judge Karen” is a leader that stations can count on, particularly in major cities (L.A., Philadelphia, Chicago). Among women ages 25-54 in Nielsen markets, Judge Karen’s viewership has grown over 70%.



Two-time Emmy®-nominated Judge Glenda Hatchett rules her courtroom with a firm but compassionate hand.  An advocate for urban youth, Hatchett is a hands-on leader in her community, and on THE VERDICT, nation-wide.

With Sony Pictures Television, Judge Hatchett’s nationally-syndicated show ran for eight seasons, plus eight seasons in repeats, for a total of 16 years on the air before launch THE VERDICT, which now enters its 5th season on the air.  Accomplished author, engaged community leader and a role model for many young legal minds, Judge Hatchett continues to serve justice with compassion for her broadcast partners around the nation.



For over three decades, Gloria Allred has defended civil rights across all walks of life. From celebrities to everyday citizens, Allred knows how to cut to the chase and protect people’s rights. She is a three-time Emmy® nominations and her brand means justice for victims everywhere.


Strictly business: more reasons to launch and advertise on JusticeCentral.TV
Americans love court shows. When it comes to daytime TV, court shows deliver almost as many gross ratings points as all other talk shows combined, despite having far fewer time slots. And the number of prime time and late night/early morning viewers is also increasing. In terms of demographics, court show fans are multicultural and majority homeowners.

  • The ES “Court Combo” averages almost 1.5 million homes per week*, airing on stations all across the country.
  • Our Court combo has the ability to reach over 92% of U.S. Homes.

*Source: Nielsen, 2nd Qtr. 2018